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Chelsea Glaser

Chelsea is a brand storyteller, copywriter, and communications specialist with passions for real estate and business development. Based in Seattle, WA, she is an enthusiastic writer for The Vacantfree, the Founder of CLG Storytelling (her independent communications consulting & copywriting practice), and the Co-Founder of Launch It, Girl, a full service branding and web design firm.
09 May 2019
3 min read

Like a Pro: Insights into Professional Property Management

The Showdigs team sat down with property management pro, Lindsey Monto...

02 May 2019
2 min read

A Matter of Time: 5 Ways to Be A More Efficient Property Manager

Whether you have an investment property for passive income or if you’r...

25 Apr 2019
2 min read

Amenities That Sell: What Your Renters Want In a Home

In a competitive rental market, it can be tough to charge competitive ...

15 Apr 2019
2 min read

Eenie Meenie Miny Mo: How to Select Awesome Tenants

Every property manager knows that getting an awesome tenant makes life...

29 Mar 2019
3 min read

To Airbnb, or Not to Airbnb: That is the Question.

The vacation rental industry has been growing like crazy, and people a...

21 Mar 2019
1 min read

The Grass is Always Greener: How to Get Your Tenants to Take Care of Your Yard

A green, manicured yard can be a huge draw in for tenants. It'll evoke...

16 Mar 2019
1 min read

Managing the Move Out Mess

When you're on the way to your rental property for a final move out in...

10 Mar 2019
1 min read

Escaping the Grind: 3 Ways to Maximize Passive Income for Your Rental Property

An increasing number of people are starting to jump on board with the ...

02 Mar 2019
1 min read

It's Not You, It's Me: Why Your Tenants Are Moving Out.

As every property manager knows, the most straightforward way to stay ...

25 Feb 2019
1 min read

Furry Family Members: Why You Should Allow Pet Tenants

When it comes to allowing pets in your rental property, we often imagi...


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